Dischem Learnership Program 2023

Dischem Learnership is a training and development program offered by Dis-Chem Pharmacies, one of the leading pharmacy chains in South Africa. The program provides young and ambitious individuals with an opportunity to gain practical work experience and develop their skills in the pharmaceutical retail industry

. The learnership program is designed to help participants acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required to pursue a successful career in the retail pharmacy sector.


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The Dischem Learnership program is open to individuals who have completed their matriculation and are looking to gain practical work experience. The program runs for 12 months, during which participants receive training in a variety of areas, including pharmacy operations, customer service, sales, and administration. The program is aimed at providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the pharmacy retail industry, while also developing their skills and abilities in various areas.

The Dischem Learnership/internships is structured to provide participants with a mix of theoretical and practical training. Participants attend classroom sessions, where they receive instruction on various aspects of the retail pharmacy industry. They are also given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired in a practical setting by working in a Dis-Chem pharmacy store. During this period, they are supervised by experienced pharmacists and other retail professionals, who provide guidance and support.

One of the key benefits of the Dischem Learnership program is that it provides participants with a stipend during their training. This stipend is designed to cover the basic living expenses of participants, which allows them to focus on their training without worrying about financial difficulties. The stipend is also a way for Dis-Chem to invest in the development of young talent, as they believe that investing in people is one of the best ways to grow their business.

Upon completion of the program, participants receive a National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations, which is recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This certificate serves as proof that participants have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in the retail pharmacy industry.

The Dischem Learnership program also provides participants with opportunities for career advancement within Dis-Chem. Successful participants may be offered permanent employment with Dis-Chem, where they can continue to grow and develop their careers. Dis-Chem is committed to providing opportunities for growth and advancement to its employees, and the Learnership program is an important part of this commitment.

To apply for the Dischem Learnership program, interested individuals need to meet certain requirements. They need to be between the ages of 18 and 35, have completed their matriculation, and be able to communicate effectively in English. They also need to have a passion for customer service and be willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

In conclusion, the Dischem Learnership program is an excellent opportunity for young and ambitious individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the retail pharmacy industry. The program provides practical work experience, training, and career development opportunities that can help participants achieve their career goals. By investing in the development of young talent, Dis-Chem is not only contributing to the growth of its own business but also to the growth and development of the South African economy as a whole.