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Department of Health Careers. Prepare the infrastructure program management plan and the procurement strategy for construction.

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• In accordance with the strategic decision-making criteria outlined in the Provincial Infrastructure Delivery Framework, approve project stage reports and drawings. [IDMS].
• Control the interface between the Implementing Agent(s) and the end-user/community structures.
• Organize and take part in project commissioning activities, such as site visits.
• Create packages/individual project briefs and/or approve them.
• Take part in the hiring of contractors and professional service providers.
• Participate in the assessment and approval of the Implementation Plan for the Infrastructure Program created by the Implementing Agent(s).
• Keep an eye on how programs and projects are being carried out by the implementing agent, as well as how closely the Service Delivery Agreement is being followed.
• Carry out research.
• Control both finances and people.

Valid driver’s license is a must for the position.
• B. Quantity surveying degree