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Every Person dreams of owning a house, and for the most part, this dream will only come true thanks to RDP housing and government-subsidised houses.

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Indeed, for many South Africans, the decades-long disparity between rich and poor united means that the dream of owning their own home is still far from being realised. As a result, two-thirds of the population have never owned a home. Recent events like the pandemic and record unemployment make this possibility even more difficult than ever. Fortunately, the government is still helping many South Africans realise their dream of homeownership through the construction and distribution of RDP houses.

Most RDP houses are located in towns, making them the ideal place to help beneficiaries access other opportunities and services.

What is RDP Logement?

The Reconstruction and Development Program is how the South African government seeks to tackle homelessness in South Africa. In addition, the program aims to provide access to water, electricity and municipal services in the poorest communities. To help with this mission, the government launched subsidised housing, known as RDP housing.

For those who are eligible for RDP homes, there is no cost associated with owning the property. Eligible beneficiaries do not have to purchase the house or provide any type of deposit for the house. However, access to an RDP house comes with strict requirements to ensure that only the genuinely impoverished and disenfranchised receive the houses.

Who is eligible for an RDP house?

Since RDP housing aims to help impoverished and struggling South Africans, the prerequisites ensure that only those who meet these criteria are eligible. In addition, the Department of Human Settlements will ensure that the information you provide meets the following criteria.

That said, to be eligible for an RDP house, you must:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Earn or earn less than R3,500 per month per household
  • Be contractually capable (which means being able to understand and enter into a contract)
  • Live as a couple or married or single with dependents
  • Have never owned or co-owned a house
  • Not to receive any other government subsidy.
  • If you are a military veteran, you must be single with no financial dependents.
  • If you are a senior, you must be single with no financial dependents.
  • Should you meet these criteria, you can follow the steps below to apply for an RDP house.

How to apply for RDP housing

If you are sure you qualify for an RDP home, it can be difficult to apply. However, following the steps below will help you begin the process of getting an RDP home.

Step 1: Make sure you meet the criteria

The first step is to make sure that you are in the category of those who can receive an RDP house. Otherwise, your application will be rejected immediately. However, even if you are not eligible for an RDP house, you can still try to get a government housing subsidy through FLISP.

Step 2: have the necessary documentation

If you are eligible, you will need your ID, your payslip (if you are working) and the identification of your spouse or partner if you are married. You will also need certified true copies of your child/children’s birth certificates. These documents need to be attached to your application form.

Step 3: Obtain your application form

Unfortunately, there is no online RDP house application form. This means, you will need to go to your local municipality to receive a form, or you can visit your local human settlements department to get your application form. If you cannot come to one of the sites, you can request a form from your municipal councilor or contact the Direction des Etablissements Humains on 0800 146 873.

Once the form has been completed, you must return it to your municipality or to the Directorate of Human Establishments.

Step 4: Complete the application

Once you have your application form, complete it and attach your documents, including a certified copy of your ID and your spouse’s ID and pay stub (if you have any) to the form.

Once done, you will then be placed on the waiting list for an RDP household.

How much does RDP housing cost?

If you are on the waiting list for an RDP house, the RDP house does not cost anything. However, if you buy an RDP home from an existing occupant or owner, the price will be dependant on how much the owner wants to sell.

In this case, RDP houses cost 100,000 Rand or more when you buy them from the owner of the RDP house.

Can I rent out my RDP housing?

Since RDP houses are intended to help people in need of housing with free and affordable housing, you cannot rent out your house.

However, you can sell your RDP home after you’ve lived in it for more than eight years.

Keep in mind that if you are caught renting your home from RDP, you could be fined, lose your home, or be jailed.

Can I build my RDP house?

If you want to make any changes or renovations to your RDP home, you will need the approval of your city council; otherwise, you will be fined, and the structure you built could be demolished.

However, if you have owned and lived in the RDP house for more than eight years, you can build the house without the city council’s approval.

Is it Legal to Buy an RDP Home?

It will depend on who is selling the house and how long they have lived there.

New RDP houses cannot be bought, nor is it necessary to post a deposit in a new RDP house.

New RDP houses are allocated to people who are on the waiting list. This means that when a new RDP houses are built, the next ones on the waiting list will receive the house.

However, RDP homes that have occupants can be sold. Therefore, before purchasing an RDP home, make sure you purchase it from the legal owner and that the owner has been in the property for more than eight years.

What are the advantages of RDP houses?

The biggest benefit of an RDP home is the ability to own a home without having to comply with any bank requirements.

So even if you don’t earn the amount of money required to own a home, you can still get one from the government.

In addition, owning a home provides a sense of security not only for you but your children and even your grandchildren.

You and Your family will no longer need to rent a house or cabin or know if the landlord will raise the price or kick them out.

Another benefit of an RDP home is that you can keep the profits and get a better home if you decide to sell your RDP home. Since you don’t have to pay to receive the home, all you get from the sale of your RDP home is profit and can be used towards a deposit on another home or the purchase of another home.

Regardless of which province you are applying to, the waiting list for an RDP home is long. So to make sure you get your RDP sooner, make sure you’re on the list. Because the sooner you get on the list, the sooner you can receive your RDP home.

You should also contact your local human settlements department annually to see how long it will take to receive your home and make sure your name is still on the list.

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