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The South African National organisation (SANDF) Reserves is created from four armed services, that embrace the South African Army, the South African Air Force, the South African Navy and also the South African Military Health Service.

The South African Army, which falls under the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Reserves, defends South Africa from external military aggression. If you are considering a career in the South African Army, here is how you can join. 


The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Reserves is made up of four armed services, which include the South African Army, the South African Air Force, the South African Navy and the South African Military Health Service.  

The most common thanks to enter into the Reserves is thru the Military Skills Development System (MSDS). The second thanks to be a part of is thru direct accomplishment, however this is often solely applicable to individuals with special skills like engineers, IT specialists, diesel mechanics, etc.

To join the military Reserves, you’ve got to satisfy the subsequent requirements:


Must be a South African national
Must be medically, mentally and battle work
Must be between the ages of eighteen and twenty six years (the needed age varies in keeping with the class of training/service) once connexion for the primary time. This age restriction doesn’t apply to candidates with skilled or important talent qualifications needed.
You must have the attributes and qualifications that square measure needed for your coaching.
You must be ready to perform the service or duties connected to the post that you apply.
If you’re used, your leader should be willing to grant special leave for military activities among cheap demands.
You must don’t have any record.
The Military Skills Development System (MSDS) may be a biennial voluntary service system that enables young South African voters to serve in uniform.


Successful MSDS candidates can receive basic grooming, specific mustering and purposeful coaching within the 1st year and be used or deployed internally or outwardly within the second year of the MSDS.

After the 2 years, you may either continue as a part of the Reserve Force or receive a offer to hitch the Regular Force.

To qualify for the MSDS programme, you’ve got to satisfy the subsequent requirements:


Be a South African national solely. (No twin citizenship)
Grade twelve candidates should be between the ages of eighteen – twenty two years
Graduates and/or different Tertiary Qualification up to the age of twenty six years
Completed Grade twelve (with average of fifty or level 4; arithmetic and Science are advantageous)
Admission purpose Score (APS) of seventeen excluded Life Orientation
Leadership potential
Not to be space sure
Have no record or unfinished cases
Comply with medical fitness needs for the appointment among average height/weight quantitative relation (minimum height for girls is 148cm, for men its 155cm; minimum weight for girls is 48kg, for men the minimum weight is 52kg.
A Reserve member could prefer to serve in any of the subsequent corps (given that they need the mandatory requirements) and support functions:


Air Defence Artillery
Support functions:

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